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Active Clinical Practice Nurses

CCSC brings over 30 years of  clinical nursing expertise to our organization. Our nurses are specialty certified and are active  their areas of specialty, bringing the latest evidenced based practice initiatives and ideas to any discussion.

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We Believe in Personal Relationships

 Interpersonal relationships are drivers of caring and compassion. Developing that interpersonal relationship with the client offers service that is distinctive to each client, team, or organization. CCSC strives to promote quality through interaction and communication in the chosen environment.

Our mission

 Nurses Supporting Nurses

Stimulating clinical nurses and clinical teams to develop effective nursing practice initiatives  promotes quality and healthy practice environments. Building on positives in the clinical environment allows the unit to deliver caring compassionate service each member believes in. 

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We will contact you and schedule a time for a live conversation to disucss our programs and what we have to offer you! We believe in individual attention!

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CCSC offers consulting services for individual, unit, or organizations to promote quality care initiatives. With expertese in the lastest quality care concepts that drive patient satisfaction and nurse satisfaction, our experts can develop programs that meet your specific needs in any type of health care setting. Contact us for more information. We have solutions!

Education and Training

We have already developed education programs to enhance clinical nurse knowledge and skill. If you desires a specialty program development, our clinical education experts are Masters prepared nurse educators that use adult learning principals and core cirricullum guidelines to develop specific programs in all practice specialties. Contact us for details. 

Medical Expert Case Review

We have nurse experts for case review based on attorney needs in the areas of medical-surgical nursing, pain management nursing, care transitions, and other critical needs in varied health care settings. Contact us for your needs.

Current Education and Training Available

We have training programs available for purchase for your use, or programs that can be presented live by our Master's prepared clinical educator faculty.  Our nurses have presented locally and nationally at conferences all over the country. Call for details.

Share the big news

The Joint Commission has revised and updated the Pain Management Clinical Standard for accredited hospitals in 2018. Hospitals are now developing treatment plans that involve the patient and their caregivers. Using evidenced based practice interventions that take into consideration the patien‘s clinical condition, past medical history, and the patients pain management goal, the hospital will develop a comprehensive pain management plan.These strategies include pharmacological, nonpharmaclogical or a combination of approaches to treat the pain in the acute care setting. CCRC is poised to assist individuals, units, or organizations to develop a comprehensive pain management strategy to support the Joint Commission Standard.

Nursing Tip of the Month

Consider becoming certified in your specialty! Certification validates your knowledge and skill, demonstrating your commitment to your specialty. CCSC celebrates the certified nurse!